Prostitution racket in Hyderabad Parlours & Spas: 65 Females held

The Cyberabad Special Operation Team (SOT) conducted raids against 12 Massage Parlours and Spas in Madhapur, Gachibowli and Rayadurgam Tana limits. About 65 Female Masseurs and 19 People operating them have been identified. While the Women were shifted to a rescue home, the organizers had been arrested. Rs 3.38 lakh cash, Laptops, Swiping Machines and Condoms have been seized.

About 34 Female Masseurs were Thailand Nationals. They were brought to Hyderabad on Tourist Visa by promising Jobs. Their passports will be taken soon after reaching the city and will be paid Rs 25,000 per month.

Cops caught Female Masseurs red handed while they were serving Male Customers. Instead of massage tables, Beds have been arranged in few parlours and spas. Neither the customers register was maintained nor CCTVs were installed.

Dasari Siddhartha (32), owner of Tripad Vernus & Healing Services Pvt. Ltd, is the kingpin of this prostitution racket which is continuing since 2013. He is earning up to Rs 90 lakh per month. Even few schemes have been introduced to attract the Customers. Rs 1 lakh is being charged for permanent membership.