After FB post, techie stalker Nitesh Kumar Sharma held

The Mumbai police today arrested Nitesh Kumar Sharma (36), a software engineer, after he followed a woman till her building and even rang her doorbell. The arrest came after the woman filed a police complaint and posted about her plight on Facebook.In her complaint to the Amboli police, Aditi Nagpaul said she, along with another woman, was driving home with her two children on Monday morning when Sharma began following her car.

Shortly after, she went up to her flat and Sharma followed her and even rang her doorbell. Aditi wrote on Facebook: “2 women and 2 kids in a car together don’t stop a random man from stalking and following you up to your house and ringing your doorbell at 2 am!”She recounted her horror in detail in her social media post. “This is shocking and nerve wrecking! …..

In the last 10 years, I’ve always felt safe in Bombay, and in the same breath have always cursed Delhi! But last night showed me a different side to my ‘not so safe anymore’ city!” she wrote. In her police complaint, Aditi said Sharma left the place after she screamed at him. He then waited downstairs in his car staring at her window, she added.

Aditi also posted photographs of the man sitting in his car with the door open, staring at her. According to the police, they have recovered CCTV footage from the building which showed Sharma waiting outside her flat. Police said Sharma was traced and arrested by encounter specialist Daya Nayak early today. Sharma hailed from Hyderabad and was visiting relatives in Mumbai. “He told the police that he was roaming around at night in a car and followed the woman to her building,” an officer from the Amboli police station said.